Starter Pipe (Launcher) drives out the PUSHKUN into the pipe line when necessary.

Loading of the PUSHKUN
Put the moistened PUSHKUN into the launcher from the clamp section.

Connect the coupler to a pressure source that drives the PUSHKUN out into the pipe line. The pressure varies according to the material and the diameter of the pipe, but 1-1.5 kg/cm should be added for the use in the PUSHKUN system to the usual operational pressure in the pipe line.

Drain pipe
If water pressure is used, connect the drain pipe to the drainage CIP after the PUSHKUN is received by the catcher.

Use the cock to let the air pressure out after the PUSHKUN is received by the catcher, or use it to install a pressure gauge.

*Required pressure for pressure-feeding PUSHKUN : 1.5 kg/cm2,4kg/cm2

*Valve should be filled with raw materials.
The front guide ball moves in the direction of flow of the raw materials.

*If for use in an organic solvents line, the material of the PUSHKUN must be chosen with care. For details contact our company.

*An automatic continuous PUSHKUN launcher is also available.

N.B.: Do not open any part of the launcher until you are sure there is no pressure in the pipe line.